Pinefield Secondary or College Entrance Flyer

In an era marked by a perceived decline in moral values, the significance of imparting an education fortified with ethical principles has never been more pronounced. 

The prevalence of societal moral decay, as evident through news channels and social media platforms, underscores the urgency for parents to safeguard their children from this prevailing decadence.

As a parent navigating this serious societal challenge, the choice of your child’s educational institution becomes pivotal. The influence of schools on shaping the character of students is a primary concern for discerning parents.

Recent reports even indicate a growing trend, where even the “woke” parents are turning to Christian schools in Canada to shield their children from the moral decline in society.

In this crucial battle for the moral compass of your child, Pinefield School emerges not merely as an educational institution since 1999 but as an institution built on unwavering Christian values. Our vision is clear – to produce unique, Christlike leaders devoted to serving both God and humanity.



What sets Pinefield School Apart?

What sets us apart lies not only in our physical infrastructure but in the very essence of our existence.

    • Beyond being a school, Pinefield embodies a family environment, that is crafted to foster the holistic development of young minds.

    • Our commitment is reflected in smaller classroom sizes, ensuring a personalized learning experience for every student, as well as specialized facilities catering to the unique needs of learners.

    • Our boarding facilities aim to replicate a “home away from home” experience, providing a nurturing haven for our students.

    • Choosing Pinefield School is a deliberate choice to immerse your child in an environment where academic excellence seamlessly intertwines with robust Christian values, setting the stage for the emergence of principled, Christlike leaders.

    • Pinefield provides a multi-cultural environment that promotes diversity.

2024-2025 College Admission

Entrance exams into our secondary school will take place on Saturday 27th January, Saturday 17th February 2024 and Saturday 23rd March 2024

Pinefield School College Entrance Flyer