Welcome Message by the Directress

Chief Mrs. B.M. Fadipe

Pinefield Schools, located in a serene part of Lekki Phase 1, Victoria Island, is the response to your desire for the best possible education within a purpose built school environment by well trained teachers!” I sincerely believe that God thought of your child when he laid it on my heart in 1999 to start a Nursery and Primary School. The Federal Government Education Policy of 2007 necessitated our growth to include College level education. This has positioned us significantly to provide the type of foundation and continuity required to ‘Nurture Future Leaders’ who are well equipped for the 21st Century that can complete both locally and internationally.



From the Montessori Foundation years to the primary level and unto college, you will find one thing consistent at Pinefield “our children enjoy learning”. We promote an attitude of Life- long learning by giving the children experiences in and out of the classroom. The personal conduct and academics success of our children can also not go without being mentioned. At Pinefield we bring out the best in every child because we understand that ‘Every Child Matters’. Students are offered individual personalized attention within small class setting; as the number of children in each class never exceeds fifteen (15).

Early In 2019, I felt something was not right and I went to God in prayers. He Spoke: He wanted me to run the school as a Christian school. I never knew there are specific instructions to achieve this. He brought so many people to help and guide us.

We held our first Vacation Bible School last week of July 2019 and 1st Term 2019/2020, we commenced our intentional and specific Christian Education Programme.

Our teachers were and are still being trained to bring out the Greatness of God in all subjects while weekly character traits are studied with biblical references on people who displayed those Traits.

We believe that our teachers and staff need to grow deeper in their knowledge and walk with Christ in order to understand and better teach our children. We therefore hold weekly Bible Study on Fridays.

Our parents have been extremely supportive in our new journey to bring up Godly and academically excellent children by studying the weekly memory verses at home with the children.

It has been an amazing presence of The Holy Spirit since our obedience. He brought us through the Covid-19 without a scar.

We encourage you to visit our school to experience our claims yourself. We are in no doubt that you will want to entrust your very special child/children into our skillful care.
“You are most welcome to Pinefield School.”